& Hygiene

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

Community’s knowledge on hygiene and sanitation and possession of sanitary facilities What is it:  maintaining personal hygiene, having clean sanitation facilities such as pit latrine, rubbish pit, hand washing, laundry drying and dish/utensils drying facilities, routinely applying cow dung on the flow of their houses and keeping one’s body and home clean etc.’’

Sanitary Facilities:

  1. Pit latrine with a door
  2. Pit latrine with no door
  3. Hand washing facilities (tippy- taps)
  4. Dish drying facilities (tandaro)
  5. Others

Bed-Woro Women’s Group

Keren, one of the group members of Bed-woro women group who benefited from WASH training and promotion said  “ the training on a hygienic home with all sanitation facility me and my husband we worked together and put in place the necessary facilities to improve on our household hygiene in order to reduce on the WASH related diseases, and this has helped us to save money for household use and school fees for the children, when the promotion at sub-county level come I am one of the families that benefited from bio-sand filter”.