Financial Practices

Economic Empowerment

Work with vulnerable groups to increase their food security, income generation and self-sustenance by strengthening their capacity on savings and finance management coupled with increased agricultural productivity through sustainable local agricultural practices. Economic empowerment strengthens their capacity to engage with other groups on matters around governance and decision making.

Obanga-Kicia Women’s Group

Obanga-Kicia Women’s Group in Adyel division Lira saved 16 million for 2018 with the members of 25 (2 male and 23 female) and the group last year had 12 members who took up small business in the town and the got loans as startup capital, 6 women got loans and paid school fees for the children the interest for the groups went up to 2 million and the groups divided the money in January.

Abalo Suzan

Abalo Suzan aged 34 Oryem-chan women group in Oyam said “I benefited from the bakery training with WNSP and now I can now bake bagia, sulu and park for selling. I used not to know how they make cakes but now I can make even for wedding”.